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The PMEvents software is web based system to enable potential customers to search for and purchase photographs taken of them participating in an event.

It can be used for any event where the participants can be identified by event numbers or similar means e.g. running, cycling, motorsports etc. Participants can also be identified by type (gender, model etc.) and a third parameter (top, colour etc.).

Find a Picture

Customers can search for their photos using any of the above parameters and where available lists of participants can be imported so that searches can be done using names.

Search results

From the search results they can then choose the photos that they might want to purchase.

Purchase chosen photos

They can then purchase their chosen photos via a PayPal cart.

Pay Pal Cart

The system enables the photographer to easily upload photos and catalogue them so that searches can be done. Once cataloguing is complete the photographer can then publish an event so that the photographs are available for the public to purchase.

Customise to integrate with existing websites

No programming knowledge and only limited technical knowledge is required to install the software as many aspects of the software are easily configurable by editing a simple text file. As well as configuring the layout of the pages (as above) you can choose the size of images that are displayed and add your own watermark.

The choices and options for the PayPal cart are again easily configurable by editing a simple text file.

V2.0 of PMEvents now supports tailoring the labels, pricing separately for each individual event. It also supports multi-user cataloguing and has better options for integrating with existing websites.



Web hosting with PHP V4 or above and MySQL database. Any decent web hosting package is likely to have these already.

A PayPal seller account.

The cost of the download is £15.

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