Other Photography


Though I like sports and action photography I take many other photos that don't fall into those categories.

Even though I don't consider myself a Landscape photographer (I don't like getting up at dawn!), I have a few which have been successful.

I have also discovered a little niche with my pictures of Steam Trains crossing over Brunel's famous Maidenhead Bridge which have created quite a bit of interest, particularly the Flying Scotsman in May 2016. You can buy a copy here and the gallery with all the trains is here.

In 2014 I completed a major project, inspired by the Monopoly board, photographing all the sites around London. It is a mixture of architecture, people and street photography. It has taken 18 months, included nearly 4000 photos and I have walked around 75 miles in the process. A selection are in the Gallery here.

It led onto other projects on London Architecture and recently London's major railway stations.

I have also become interest in extreme macro photography and focus stacking.

Take a look at some examples here.