Scanning and Restoration

Digitisation and restoration of old photographs can bring long forgotten memories to life again, often looking even better than the originals.

Once in digital format pictures can be enlarged or used in all the ways that images are displayed today.

Even badly faded pictures can be rejuvenated and damaged or torn pictures can be made to look good, often discovering hidden gems.

Example on the right was a A3 size photo that was literally falling to bits. Multiple scans were stitched together before damage and blemishes were removed to produce a final image that still retains the look of an old photograph. (Move the cursor over the picture to see the original)

With experience of restoring nearly 10,000 photographs from various media including prints, slides and negatives I can restore your pictures from 50p per image for digitisation or £5 per image for simple clean up. Costs for full restoration will depend on the work required.

For a quote for your requirements contact me via the contact form.