Sport in Focus 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sport in Focus 2012?

Sport in Focus 2012 is a sports-photography project across the Maidenhead and Windsor area, running during the build-up to the London 2012 Olympiad. The visible results will be a competition, an exhibition, and a book. Any profit will be given to charity, but it is not our priority.

The project will have three major components:

  • The creation of interest and skills in sports photography, through a programme designed to raise awareness and capabilities
  • A call to participants to capture the Olympic spirit as widely as possible and to submit images
  • Displays of the images through a website, exhibition and book

What will be the benefits?

We believe the project will:

  • stimulate interest in sport
  • be unique to the RBWM area and give residents a link to the Olympiad
  • increase interest in and appreciation of sports photography
  • improve knowledge of how to capture good images
  • capture the imagination of sports and camera club members, and the public
  • promote the genre of sports photography amongst photographers at all levels
  • bring additional membership to the relevant photography and sports clubs
  • be fun to organise and to take part in
  • produce tangible and valuable results, such as an exhibition and a book
  • generate some charitable benefit through the sale of books

Who is organising Sport in Focus 2012?

Sport in Focus 2012 is being organised by Maidenhead Camera Club and Windsor Photographic Society. We have had generous support from The Kidwells Park Trust and the Louis Baylis (Maidenhead Advertiser) Charitable Trust. We expect the London Olympics to become a dominant event in the UK, so we want to use the excitement to generate interest in sports photography. Any profit from the project will be given to local charities.

Who can take part?

Everyone except full-time professional photographers (defined as those who make more than half their income from sale of their photographs). They don't need to live in the RBWM area.

Where can the photos be taken?

Absolutely anywhere. There's no restriction to the Maidenhead and Windsor area.

What's meant by "The Olympic Spirit"?

Competing with integrity and courage, striving to get to the highest level, never giving up, and holding your head high no matter what the outcome.

Who will own the copyright to the images?

You will retain copyright, but by submitting an image you will be giving the organising team the right to display the image on its website, to use it in the exhibitions and book, if chosen, and to offer it to local media to promote the project. We will always credit you as the originator.

Is it legal to take photographs of people?

Yes, it is. There are some things to be aware of though. If you are in a privately owned place like a swimming pool, leisure centre or school playing field, the owners may restrict photography, so please ask first. We will tell our local sports venues about the Sport in Focus project, so we think they'll be sympathetic. If it's a public place, like a park or a street, you can photograph anyone as long as you don't "infringe their privacy". That is very unlikely to be the case unless you are using a powerful telephoto lens or underhand tactics to intrude on things the subject wouldn't want to be recorded. If in doubt, ask first.
If children are the subject of the photo, not just incidental, ask the parents or guardians for permission.

How many pictures can I enter?

You can submit as many pictures as you like but only the last 12 you enter will be considered in the final competition. If you have submitted more than 12 and you want some of your earlier pictures to be in the competition just submit them again.

Who'll choose the winners?

A small independent group of people with experience in sport and photography. When we know who they'll be, we'll announce their names to local media and list their names here. The "photo of the month" will be chosen by an invited guest each month. The people who make these decisions won't know who took each photo.

What events will the prize winners go to?

We can't say yet. Most big sports events won't allow bookings far in advance, and tickets for London 2012 cannot be bought as prizes or transferred. So if you win, we'll discuss with you which sport you'd like to attend, and we'll try to go along with your wishes.

What will be in the book and when will it be published?

We'll publish a book containing many of the best images, and make it available for sale late in June 2012. We'll give a copy to each participating school in Maidenhead and Windsor. When we know the title, size , shape and price of the book we'll show it here. Although we don't plan to become a charity, any profit we make, for instance from book sales, will be given to local charities.

Where and when will the Exhibitions be?

We'll be putting a selection of between 20 and 50 of the best images on display in Maidenhead and Windsor during June and July 2012. Our aim is to get venues which are popular and easily accessible. The exact dates for the exhibitions will be listed here as soon as they are confirmed. This will be done by April 2012. Entry will be free.